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What we need.

Making Model Transport Vehicles - Peter Fairhurst

We need Aslan to come to Britain right now. #alwayswinterneverchristmas . 

A Shadow of a Memory ... Childhood Library Finds

Shadow spinner - Susan Fletcher

I remember this book so vividly from the library when I was young - I must have read it at least 3 times. All I remember is that it's about who girl who lives in the palace at the time of Sharazad and Arabian Nights. And something about a lost limb. I must capture this book and re-read!

A Five Second Review of War Crimes for the Home by Liz Jensen

War Crimes For The Home - Liz Jensen

Bitter grumpy old woman tells an unsentimental tale her experiences in the war, with more profanity, sex and boob jiggling that I thought I war memoir had time for. If Jo Brand wrote sentimental fiction.


A favourite. 

Lost At Sea - Bryan Lee O'Malley
" “Every time you look up at the stars, it’s like opening a door. You could be anyone, anywhere. You could be yourself at any moment in your life. You open that door and you realize you’re the same person under the same stars. Camping out in the backyard with your best friend, eleven years old. Sixteen, driving alone, stopping at the edge of the city, looking up at the same stars. Walking a wooded path, kissing in the moonlight, look up and you’re eleven again. Chasing cats in a tiny town, you’re eleven again, you’re sixteen again. You’re in a rowboat. You’re staring out the back of a car. Out here where the world begins and ends, it’s like nothing ever stops happening.”"
Angela Carter's Fairytales
Angela Carter's Fairytales

A photo I took a while ago of one of the most beautiful books I own.

Book Hauling - many of which to appear on my shelves soon!

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